Clinifar celebrated its 20 year anniversary on the 1st of March 2014. The company was created during the year of 1994, following the demerger of a large national company’s business area (Paracélcia). Clinifar took over its personnel, along with the remaining business assets, namely its supplier and costumer portfolios. Throughout the years, Clinifar has ensured proper training for the staff in order to provide effectiveness, professionalism and technical know-how for customer support, offering solutions that fit our customers’ requirements and needs.

Our sales team supports a vast variety of products. The department is specifically trained to ensure knowledge of the products, equipments, technologies and their functionalities.

We aim to be recognized as our customers’ partner in the search for solutions that meet their expectations and technological challenges.

Clinifar’s continuous business expansion is a token of our customers’ trustworthiness, throughout the many years of our business history.