Clinifar has kicked-off its internationalization process from a sustained, coherent and precise standpoint by reviewing the expansion possibilities some markets might provide.

From the outset we realized this is an extensive process, as return of profitability might only be achieved over medium and long-term periods, the company has enabled several resources, such as personnel, in order to attend to the end-customers’ needs.

2011 was the landmark year for sustainably launching international operational activity, through consistent projects which can bring forth bilateral added assets from a technical and scientific standpoint, particularly in emerging economies.

Angola was our first international project in the areas of:

Monitoring and diagnosis


Electro surgery

Vein Surgery


Medical Supplies

Operating Theatre Equipment

The country’s economic and financial growth and its macroeconomic stability were key aspects which led to the decision of investing in Angola.

The project has allowed us to understand that it is extremely important to embrace structural changes in order to successfully meet the market’s demands, always taking into consideration the new world order. Ethical, moral, human respect and environmental behaviours are increasingly seen as competitive assets and requirements for establishment in the world market.