The PulsioFlex monitor is a device that allows to aid diagnosis for minimum invasive measuring and monitoring of blood pressure, cardiopulmonary variables and organ function.

Along with other bedside monitors and clinical evaluations, PulsioFlex monitors at-risk patients in several different scenarios (emergency, operating theatre, intensive care unit, intermediate care and infirmary). PulsioFlex is a multiple parameter monitor for specific use in hospitals and similar facilities, by trained health professionals.

PulsioFlex can be used as an independent monitor for:

  1. Arterial pulse contour analysis for continuous measurement of blood pressure, estimated cardiac output, fluid responsiveness and other resulting parameters (blood flow – ProAQT).
  1. Optic fiber reflective measurement to determine the continuous measurement of blood oxygen saturation (CeVOX –oxygen central saturation).

III. Pulse oximetry for continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2) and pulse densitometry to determine the concentration of Green Indocyanine, an approved diagnostic (Limon – hepatic function).